LIVE UK a sister publication to AUDIENCE, is the only publication dedicated to the country's contemporary live music business, providing news, features, tour plans and information to the people that drive the industry - promoters, festival organisers, venue operators, artiste managers, booking agents, ticketing companies, media and key professionals in dozens of related sectors.
Festival provides news and information across a broad spectrum of festival business activity, including the launch of new events and the evolution of established ones, anti-crime initiatives, developments in infrastructure, security and ticketing; marketing techniques, waste management and recycling. Published in print and digital issues during the key festival planning season of December to March.


About the Awards

About Us

The Live Music Business Awards is produced by Live UK Events, organiser of annual conference and networking event LIVE UK The Summit, which celebrates its fifth year in 2011.


Launched in October 2007, produced by Live UK Events and backed by the publisher of LIVE UK magazine, The Summit ( is an annual focal point for companies and individuals involved in the business of contemporary live music. 

A wide range of issues facing the industry is covered by conference sessions and discussion groups, with electronic voting used to gauge the audience’s view.

Those attending range from promoters, agents and artiste managers, from operators of stadia to pub landlords and from festival and media event organisers, to brands and marketing executives, record labels and scores of other service providers.


The only magazine dedicated to the country’s contemporary live music business community, LIVE UK ( has a readership of more than 7,000 key companies and individuals working at all levels of the live music sector.

LIVE UK’s circulation includes more than 1,400 promoters, venues and festival organisers, 300 artiste managers, 200 booking agents, and hundreds of other service providers, ranging from equipment, staging and transport companies to accountants, lawyers, record and media company executives, events sponsors and industry organisations.

During the festival-planning season of November to April, LIVE UK produces FESTIVAL – a 20-page, four-issue supplement, focusing on the business of running festivals. It reverts to a four-page section of LIVE UK during the May-September festival season and the month following.

LIVE UK also features a four-page section entitled NXT, dedicated to the business people behind the unsigned and emerging artiste sector, with news, features and profiles on key players such as artiste managers and A&R scouts.


The world’s leading B2B publication dedicated to the international contemporary live music industry, AUDIENCE ( provides news, features and tour information to companies and individuals in 80 countries worldwide.  

With a readership of over 9,000 industry professionals, AUDIENCE’s circulation includes more than 2,500 promoters, festival organisers and venue operators, hundreds of booking agents and artiste managers, record and publishing company executives, media, brands and scores of other sectors involved in the business of live music.

AUDIENCE was launched in December 1999.